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Alexander Estates II

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

If you have a sweet spot for mid century architecture like we do, the you will love Alexander Estates II in Palm Springs, CA. Alexander Estates II stays true to it’s mid century roots in design while delivering a new generation of dwelling better suited for a 21st century lifestyle. This magnificent development is inspired by the original template introduced by The Alexander Building Company in the early 1950’s. This intimate enclave of homes boasting distinctive exteriors & contemporary floorplans, will truly transport you to the 50’s era in a heartbeat. Reinterpreted by renowned architect James Cioffi and the team at Dos Palmas Development, the homes gracefully blend vintage details with contemporary touches. Dos Palmas Development gave us the opportunity to be part of this amazing project. Together we have created amazing kitchen and bathroom installations that boast floor to ceiling glass tile work. Exterior elevations showcase the classic roof lines of Butterfly, Center view, Long Gable and Single Slope. All are complemented with front, side and rear landscape including private saltwater pool and spa. All of this is reason enough to be on the next flight to Palm Springs right? Well, you haven’t even read the best part….Prices start at $400k!!! There are still some properties available, don’t miss a chance to be part of this historical development.
Check out some images of Alexander Estates II below.

Alexander Estates II

Alexander Estates II

Kitchen: Contempo Spa Blend

Kitchen: Stainless 1x1 Mosaic

Master Bath: Manchester Blend

Walk In Shower: Fahrenheit Glass Blend

Master Bath: Smoke Glass & Stainless Blend

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Edible Perspective Kitchen

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

We would like to send a shout out to Ashley from Edible Perspective! Ashley runs a great blog on healthy food & recipes that is pretty cool. Accompanied by amazing photography this blog is not only informative but fun! Ashley contacted us a couple of months ago regarding her kitchen remodel, she wanted 3×6 subway tile for her backsplash. After sending us a couple of pictures of her space, we sent her some 3×6 samples. Ashley decided to install the Ocean Grey 3×6, and it looks amazing! Congrats Ashley, we love to see DIY projects that turn out this good!

Edible Perspective Kitchen Remodel

Edible Perspective Kitchen Remodel

Edible Perspective Kitchen Remodel


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Linear Glass & Marble Installation Photo

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Just wanted to share this backsplash installation image of the New Linear Glass & Marble Mosaic. So cool! I love the combination of the three textures: shiny glass, frosted glass and polished marble.The installation looks modern because of the elongated skinny pattern and elegant because of the marble embedded between the glass. I’m in love!

Caicos Linear Backsplash

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New Linear Collections!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

As promised in our previous blog about the Coverings Trade Show in Las Vegas, here are some of the newest additions to our product inventory. It is important to us to keep our collections up to date and cutting edge. The Linear look is currently huge in the design world; it is not only modern but unique and visually exciting. We have 2 new collections that reflect this style: Linear Glass & Marble Collection and Slate Linear Collection. Check out the products below. Can’t wait to use these on some of my projects!


Lucia Glass & Marble Mosaic

Curacao Glass & Marble Mosaic

Caicos Glass & Marble Mosaic

Bonaire Glass & Marble Mosaic

Nevis Glass & Marble Mosaic


Dover Slate Linear

Multi Colored Linear Slate

Golden White Linear

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Searching for new designer tiles

Friday, March 18th, 2011

One of our commitments to our family of design enthusiast is to keep an eye out for hot new glass tile, porcelain tile, backsplash tile and design trends. There are a several different ways to do this but one of the best ways is to take the trek to Las Vegas each year and check out the week long Coverings trade show.  This is a unique opportunity to meet with manufactures from around the globe, see what new materials they are producing and get a pulse for what looks to be emerging trends in tile. It is a pretty overwhelming spectacle and there are literally thousands of vendors displaying there newest and greatest but it is well worth the effort. This year not only did we discover some great new tiles but found some pretty amazing price points for very unique and distinctive materials.

Just a fraction of the show...

Amazing natural stone display

This year the owner and her 2 month old son browsed the show and we love this picture of him as a Child Guest. We also have a few other pictures to help you see the size of this show. These shots are only the 1st floors and don’t do justice to how massive this event is. We have lots of work to do to incorporate the new tiles but there is plenty of excitement about what we plan to be offering.

Nice display mom

Does this come in a 12x24?

Newest Tile Purchasing Agent

As we work on getting some new products listed, we will keep you posted but for now, the major trend we saw was a lot of glass tile in a linear configuration like our Fusion Glass Tiles. Some of our favorites were created with glass bars of varying widths and lengths, some which incorporated stone. There was also one super stunning tile that has linear bars of stainless blended with a matte black linear stone. Sorry but we did not get a picture of that but we are working on it. So stay tuned because some of what is coming your way is enough to make you want to own 10 homes so you can use all of the great products we saw.

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Studio Ten 25

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Shout out to Abbe Fenimore from Studio Ten 25. Its always nice when someone appreciates our products and sales because that what we are trying to do, give people great materials at low prices for their renovations. A little bit about the company: Studio Ten 25 was founded by interior designer Abbe Fenimore in 2007. Abbe’s style is an eclectic balance of vibrant color, a mix of rich materials and a true sense of space. Makes sure to check out her blog which is full of interesting ideas and beautiful color combinations at Also make sure to check out Shop Ten 25, the shop carries everything from accessories to designer furniture. Here is a link to the blog she posted on “Easy Kitchen Updates” where she mentions Design 4 Less products.

Studio Ten 25

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Trend Watch: Iridescent

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

In neutral settings iridescent accents pop and add a unique finish. For the best effect, make sure to combine this look with contemporary, neutral finishes.

Iridium 1"x4"

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Recycled Leather For Your Floors by Ana Morales

Friday, January 14th, 2011

While it is unusual to conceive of leather for flooring, recycled leather tiles are gaining popularity in the interior design world. The look and feel of a recycled leather floor is remarkable, and it adds a unique touch of luxury to any environment. There is extensive options in regards to colors, textures, and finishes to suit your particular installation. In a home you can use recycled leather in closets, powder rooms, offices, theaters, bedrooms, dining rooms, ceilings, kitchens, backsplashes and even stair cases!

Those of you with an environmental conscience will appreciate the fact that recycled leather tile is LEED certified. It is made by collecting real leather scraps from furniture, shoe, car and other factories. It’s not only cool looking, but it’s great for the environment as well. One great advantage of using recycled leather tile is that it is easy to install. Leather tiles come with a pre – glued backing. The pre- glued backing allows the tiles to install directly over drywall, primed concrete, or plywood with no further adhesive application. You simply remove the liner and apply the tiles directly to the surface. Installation is hassle-free and completed in minutes.

Leather Floors will wear in a manner similar to a linoleum floor and have indentations comparable to that of a high quality cork floor. These tiles are practical and made with the user in mind while being of uncompromising beauty and texture.  Leather floors over time will develop a rich patina. Their look will improve with age –in a manner similar to the patina developed by a leather sofa. Leather floors will take on the characteristics of their environment, creating a truly unique and personal floor. The care required for a leather floor is similar to what you need to do for a wood floor. Normal maintenance includes, vacuuming with a soft brush, damp mopping with a very well wrung out mop.

Recycled leather tile is attractive, unique and durable, it is an excellent choice for flooring that will add to the value to your home. The look and feel of a leather floor is remarkable…Try it for yourself!

Nocturno Croc Leather Tile

Nocturno Croc Leather Tile

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“Restaurant quality kitchen, without breaking the bank!” by Ana Morales

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

If you want a restaurant-quality kitchen without breaking the bank, here are a few designer tips. Professional-grade appliances,  a low-maintenance floor and back splash make creating your dream kitchen a cinch. A big factor in your design are the materials you use, tile is an easy way to make any space unique. I have attached a few images of a color palette that I feel is perfect for achieving this look. The palette is refined, contemporary and clean. This palette is a combination of glass, stainless steel and porcelain.  Combining these different textures will help you create an amazing installation. The crisp white glass in combination with the cool stainless steel and patterned porcelain really help set a hip restaurant vibe in your kitchen. I love the idea of  the subtle checkered pattern on the porcelain for the kitchen floor. The pattern is a great way of combining the different gray and white tones you will be using in the other materials, it adds visual interest without being overwhelming.  The glass & stainless tiles are a perfect choice for your back splash area, get creative with the combination of these materials.  I have attached a few images of a kitchen project that served as the inspiration for this color palette.  I love what was done with the stainless steel tile above the stove area. So go ahead, get creative and give your kitchen new life!

Color Palette: Blanco Glass Subway Tile, Stainless Steel Tile, Contempo Graphite Porcelain.

Amazing back splash achieved by combining Blanco Subway Tile & Stainless Steel Tile.

The large 12" x 24" Porcelain Tiles are a great way of bringing all the colors together and they are low maintenance!

Restaurant quality kitchen in the comfort of your own home!

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Cutting the 3×6 Subway Tiles

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

If you are looking for a great kitchen design idea or bathroom idea, Subway Glass Tiles are a great choice.  They are a classic shape but the look is updated with a glass finish keeping your home interior current without over doing it.   Below is an example of  Ocean Grey 3×6 being used for a kitchen tile backsplash.

Ocean Grey 3x6 Kitchen Backsplash

Ocean Grey 3x6 Kitchen Backsplash

One of the great things about the 3×6 subway glass tiles is that they are 8mm thick which adds a lot of depth to the glass and in turn your  glass tile installation.  However the thickness of the subway glass tiles can be tricky when it comes to cutting them.   We get calls from time to time about either the glass or the polyurethane back chipping when the subway tile is being cut to fit odd spaces.  But there are some really easy steps to take to ensure you get a clean easy cut for your wall tile installation.

To start you will need a wet saw with a diamond blade.  Make sure to use a brand new blade for the best results.  On the cutting board lay the subway tile face down with the white polyurethane backing face up.  Cut half way through the depth of the tile and then flip the subway tile over (glass side face up) and finish cutting all the way through.

Following these tips will minimize the amount of chipping on both the glass and the backing.  While not all chipping is preventable when cutting any glass tile this really helps!

For more detailed information on installation visit our installation guide on The Glass Mosaic Outlet.

Installation Guidelines

About Glass also has a great picture essay on the process.

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